Credits to:

Made by Soverign in NP3

Sound by Fluffysaurus

Animations by Hyper (As this mod uses Hyper's Mk18 animations)

This is the complete pack of EFT HK416.
이것은 EFT HK416의 완전합본이다.

There are already tons of Hk416, but the author claims that this is a real complete pack of HK416, as the mod includes EVERY single EFT assets.
수많은 HK416이 이미 나왔으나, 작가는 이것이 HK416의 완전합본이라 주장한다, 모든 EFT 장치들을 포함하고 있기 때문에.

So please enjoy and say thanks to the author.
그리고 즐기고 작가에게 감사를 말해달라.

Kharu Out.
캬루 나간다.

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